When Friends Turn to Enemies

Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used to Know Let’s be honest with each other for a quick second…writer to reader. At some point in our lives, we have all had a friend, family member, loved one, or someone we value, turn against us. Maybe it was due to a decision we made that they […]

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Another Sleepless Night

I am not sure why or how it happens, but it does…a lot. It is 2:30AM and here I lie. Just myself, my thoughts, and silence. It would be safe to say that I do not stand alone in the arena of sleepless nights. They happen to everyone for endless reasons. Everything from a dog […]

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Has The Church Failed You?

In life you need community…NOT a church. Point Blank. Yes, I am a christian, but maybe it’s time we put “church” on the back burner, and seek out healthy community instead (Christians and Non-Christians alike.) Then there wouldn’t be as much dysfunction in this world. The world will still be messed up, but significantly less… It is […]

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The Sexless Marriage

What do you do when intimate moments of having sex with your spouse becomes few and far between? When your spouse no longer desires you at the level and/or frequency they once did. When your sex life becomes scarce, mundane, predictable and ultimately unappealing – leaving you upset and frustrated. What happens when you fall into the sexless marriage? Before I go […]

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