Has The Church Failed You?

In life you need community…NOT a church. Point Blank.

Yes, I am a christian, but maybe it’s time we put “church” on the back burner, and seek out healthy community instead (Christians and Non-Christians alike.) Then there wouldn’t be as much dysfunction in this world. The world will still be messed up, but significantly less…

It is sad to see that our church culture has transformed into mini governments rather than a place derived from a loving, graceful, and merciful community. Unfortunately, this is what the church has become… manipulative, prideful and un-accepting.

Sure, no church is perfect, nor will they ever be. Still, this doesn’t justify why few churches have set up healthy communities within the 4 walls, and/or a foundation allowing room for forgiveness, growth, and most of all freedom.

The church no longer trusts people.

Rather than allowing people to be in control of their life, let alone their faith, they think they can do it better, for us. Through “guidance” and “spiritual direction” they quite literally wash out our sense of self worth, so we are left broken and leaning on them for support…spiritually and mentally.

I have seen it a million times. And so have you. That is why you are reading this article thinking, “yes..Yes…YES…YESSSSSS…someone gets it.”

Before my Christians out there jump to conclusions and think I am bashing the Church, I am not mad at people (the real church,) I am mad at this system we have created, with little accountability. And before the individuals who don’t associate themselves with religion get all ‘turnt’ up, there is a point behind my words.

Don’t mistake what I am saying here, I absolutely love the church I attend currently – no church is perfect, but I have found a church that really focuses on what is important – again, that is relationship and community. BUTTTTT, it took me years to find it. There is something wrong with that. What about the 50+ other churches I have stepped foot in at least once since being in high school?

‘Well then, Derek, there is obviously something wrong with you or your standards are simply too high.’

Yea, you got me…I am a sinner (pretty good at that.) But, there is a huge difference between a church that leaves “room for grace and mercy” with a solid biblical foundation,  and a church that is dysfunctional/out-of-order.

I am amazed at how many churches are allowed to operate as such, or even hold the title of being a church.

All of that being said, on the other hand I am also grateful for the organizations and establishments out there that truly do have the betterment of this world at the center of their hearts and actions. The churches that help the widows & orphans, that make the disciples through mentoring and training. That equip and send out. But most of all, that keep a biblical foundation and aren’t spiritually restricted by the physical structure of their building.

So, if you have been hurt, disappointed, offended, attacked, etc., by the church or it’s members, take a moment to reflect. Finding peace of mind among storms is the only way we can center our thoughts and make sound decisions. It allows us to evaluate the situation at hand and either make changes in yourself, or in our environments.

But, where ever you go, be that the church, small group, family gatherings, sports, etc., it is all in the same.

It is a community of people gathered in one place for a common purpose. Don’t run away from situations because they are hard or uncomfortable. Take control of your actions, thoughts and relationships. Use the knowledge and wisdom you have currently to move your life forward, and don’t run away from community because it has the name church stamped on it.

There is a lot of dysfunction out there, yes….I wish it were different, but at the end of the day, we need people, we need community and we need relationships. Find your diamond in the rough and pursue it actively.



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