Worry, Fear & Distractions

Ugh…what a freaking week. It is a Friday…the clock says 9:59pm – but, I am not sure if it is lying to me, because it doesn’t feel like the end of the week. I am sitting here on my couch in the same sweatpants and sweatshirt I wore to bed last night. Before you judge, […]

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Silent Decay

Why is it so easy to ignore the needs of our loved ones…and those we are in relationship with in general? Why is it okay to “not know a good thing until it is gone?” To knowingly withdraw ourselves from the responsibility of speaking others love languages. Why is it okay to obtain so much […]

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Where Is Your Motivation?

I guess it is considered the norm when an individual slowly looses interest in any particular activity (job, hobby, sports, social life, etc.) Life gets boring, and so do the things we repeatedly do. Over and over again. But why is it that we loose motivation all together in life, simply because one aspect of […]

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