Tired of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Then wake up…

Are you tired of the ALS challenge?

Do you find it frustrating to open Facebook, only to scroll through a time line full of people pouring water on their heads for no apparent reason? I mean c’mon, how many people are ACTUALLY donating? How many people even know what ALS is? What type of awareness is this actually building?

Well, not to be that “stats” guy, but here you go. So far, according to the ALS Association:

  • Just over $11,400,000 (as of August 16th, 2014)
  • Over 225,000 new donors

Some say you can’t argue with numbers/stats, yet, you still have people like Steve-O making videos like this Post by Steve-O.

I’ve also come across several statuses on FB regarding how annoying the videos are getting; some people are even wishing the movement to stop, simply because they don’t think people even understand the movement, let alone make contributions – I typically don’t involve myself in social media debates, however, when people make an ignorant stance to “fight ignorance,” I just can’t help myself.

The comment that tipped my reservation cup over, was this: It has turned into a self promotion not a way to raise awareness of ALS. The ESPN video is very good I saw it this morning and I’m glad that it has raised more money but people need to understand why they do it not just doing for the heck of it.”

So, in light of the ALS naysayers, here is my 2 cents.

This ALS movement has nothing to do with SELF promotion/awareness. Those that have great power and influence (actors, TV/Radio Stations, Athletes, Corporations, etc) are using that influence for a good cause and not self promotion. Whether or not people have the wrong mindset/intention behind the creation of the videos, the overall awareness is still generating and the movement is still growing.

Why do you think people even have enough ‘reason’ to come against it, or simply be annoyed by it? That’s called awareness.

On the flip side, if it is the general population (and not the famous) that naysayers are tired of seeing participate in the challenge, then I would ask them, what is it that you are against? The annoying video? The cause? The disease? The shares?

Are any of those aspects of the movement altering anything in your life besides your FB timeline?

Being against the ALS movement has no logical reasoning. That is like saying all of those pink wrist bands, bumber stickers, and marathons for breast cancer are a waste of time and are only for self promotion and awareness. People are joining together for once, even if over a “dumb challenge” if that is how you see it, and no one has the ground to stand on to be the wedge to break it up.

‘What’ or ‘how much’ people understand isn’t the point.

Take this into consideration – Not everyone that listens to music understands the words, not everyone that watches sports understands the game, not everyone that votes understands the politics, and not everyone that supports movements understands the cause.

By approaching the ALS movement having immediate concern of people’s intentions, we are implying that people do nothing, if they don’t really understand – rather than approaching it with the thought of “do anything you can to help (even if that is just spreading the word,) whether you understand or not.”

The first mindset is belittling and the latter is encouraging and uplifting. You can’t solve peoples ignorance with more ignorance.

When push comes to shove, it is nice to see America and other parts of the world come together for a common cause and my hope and prayer is that those suffering from ALS would soon be offered a cure because of the national and global support of caring people.


What are you thinking? C'mon just tell us :-)

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