When Friends Turn to Enemies

Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used to Know Let’s be honest with each other for a quick second…writer to reader. At some point in our lives, we have all had a friend, family member, loved one, or someone we value, turn against us. Maybe it was due to a decision we made that they […]

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Another Sleepless Night

I am not sure why or how it happens, but it does…a lot. It is 2:30AM and here I lie. Just myself, my thoughts, and silence. It would be safe to say that I do not stand alone in the arena of sleepless nights. They happen to everyone for endless reasons. Everything from a dog […]

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Worry, Fear & Distractions

Ugh…what a freaking week. It is a Friday…the clock says 9:59pm – but, I am not sure if it is lying to me, because it doesn’t feel like the end of the week. I am sitting here on my couch in the same sweatpants and sweatshirt I wore to bed last night. Before you judge, […]

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Silent Decay

Why is it so easy to ignore the needs of our loved ones…and those we are in relationship with in general? Why is it okay to “not know a good thing until it is gone?” To knowingly withdraw ourselves from the responsibility of speaking others love languages. Why is it okay to obtain so much […]

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