Worry, Fear & Distractions

Ugh…what a freaking week. It is a Friday…the clock says 9:59pm – but, I am not sure if it is lying to me, because it doesn’t feel like the end of the week.

I am sitting here on my couch in the same sweatpants and sweatshirt I wore to bed last night. Before you judge, I work from home…in other words, I make money wearing whatever I want to (or whatever I don’t want to.)

But, as I am staring at my computer screen, thinking of this weeks’ events, I started pondering on how much the average person worries about things on a daily basis. So, I decided to look it up – here is what I found.

  • Most sources say that the average person worries or “is stressed” 30mins-3hours out of the day O_o

What?? That is almost a part time job, son!

But why? Why do we worry about the same things our entire life. Relationships, school, work, kids, money, etc. are aspects of our lives that will most likely never go away. At least not for a while.

So, 7-21 hours a week. Imagine using that time for productivity and positive thinking. I just spoke in my last blog about daily renewing your mind and always having a mentoring structure in your life. 7-21 hours is plenty of time to do both.

Not to mention, worrying hasn’t ever solved a thing.

But we do it over…and over…and over again. And I am not speaking at anyone – if anything I am speaking to myself. I find myself stressed and worried about the same things time and time again, in different capacities. Yet, those situations and circumstances always end up being JUST FINE…time and time again.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve read articles and seen ‘inspirational’ videos that get me pumped up, excited, joyful and full of hope, and then I just spiral right back down.

It is generational pain point that will most likely continue to haunt us until we decide to consciously make a change in our minds. In all reality, I think worrying becomes so much of a habit, that some people don’t know what to do if they aren’t worrying about something. It is like they mentally schedule in time during their day to “worry” about things as if that makes the situation easier, or go away completely.

So, as you go into your weekend, just STOP FOR A MINUTE, take a breath and relax. You are alive and well.

Nothing tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, can be solved by you worrying about it now. Spend the time you normally would in worry, fear &  distraction and replace it with hope, confidence and focus.




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