2 Practical Disciplines For Life’s Poop

Life can be a jerk sometimes…Eh? Ammmmmi right?

The junk that people go through on a consistent basis is just flat out insane. In the past few months ALONE, I personally know people who have been diagnosed with cancer, lost their jobs, got divorced, been evicted, had family members die, been in car accidents, had major surgeries, lost their businesses taken in foster children etc.

And trust me, I am not just naming random things…since early 2014, each one of those circumstances has happened at least once, in the lives of friends, family, and acquaintances ((and even myself.))

This past year I’ve personally been befriended (not on facebook…in lifebook A.K.A. real life,) quit my job, lost a business, lost a car, been to the ER a couple times for my daughters, had severed ties with family members, and even made myself physically sick in the process of being so stressed..and the list goes on my friends….

It is just so scary as you begin to fathom the depths of hurt, pain and confusion that people go through day in and day out. How do we cope with it, communicate it, process it, and ultimately, move past it.

Well, I don’t claim to be a know it all, but I have been through some crazy things. And among all of the things I have tried to cope with life, there are really only 2 things that have ever TRULY solved my problems.

1. Renewing your mind daily

Now this applies to you whether you identify as Christian or not. The process of renewal is simply taking out the old and bringing in the new. Point blank. Don’t make it more complicated than it is. As you go through situations, take time to center yourself and truly find meaning behind everything.

Personally, I choose to use my alone time with God, meditating, focusing and finding peace as a daily ritual in renewing my mind. Now I know many aren’t religious, so if you aren’t a Christian, focusing daily on your life vision, dreams, morals, etc., and finding purpose behind your daily actions is a great place to begin.

Whatever your preference, be consistent.

2. Having healthy mentoring (above and below)

The structure and process of mentoring is such a beautiful thing. I view mentoring as guidance by the transfering of knowledge and wisdom. One of the worst places we can allow our minds and hearts to go, is a place of solitude, lonliness, and abondonment. When we thing we are alone and don’t have a sense of community (no matter how large or small) we begin to decay.

When I refer to “above and below,” I am speaking of being mentored and mentoring at the same time. To truly find meaning in life, it is important to always have someone pouring into your life, while you pour into others lives. The healthy flow allows steady and sustainable life growth and can often bring truth and perspective in life’s darkest moments.

So, what is your point D-Swizz?

First of all…don’t call me that..ever.

My point is to BE STILL. Life is ridiculously crazinomicle. But if we respond to hard situations by being wishy-washy and lofty, then we will inevitably be at the mercy of our current circumstances.

I guarantee if you take time daily to renew and focus your mind, while receiving and giving mentorship, your life will experience a peace and growth that you never thought was possible.


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