Silent Decay

Why is it so easy to ignore the needs of our loved ones…and those we are in relationship with in general? Why is it okay to “not know a good thing until it is gone?” To knowingly withdraw ourselves from the responsibility of speaking others love languages.

Why is it okay to obtain so much knowledge, but never have the wisdom and discipline to carry it out?

I see it everywhere. In my life,  and in the life of friends and family. While pride often covers insecurity,  I believe it can work vice versa as well.

I truly believe that some people use insecurity as a prideful way to hide themselves from working on their own problems and dealing with their own issues.

They hide in their shells, refraining from opening up and going to deeper places in relationships.

At the same time, they expect others they are in relation with to fulfill their every need. Which, in turn, eats away at the people they are in relation with.

If you are still reading this, you either know someone like this or are someone like this.

It’s hard.

Plain and simple. But undeniably,   relationships are a crucial part of our well being, despite our desires to do life ourself.

We need to learn to love people unconditionally. No matter how much it hurts.  We need to learn to be transparent no matter how embarrassing.  We need to relearn what it means to be in relation with someone.

Take this for example. Isn’t it crazy how most foreign people know how to speak English but many Americans can’t speak other languages?  This is so similar to the concept I am talking about.

If you are in relationship with someone like this, it is like you have taken the time to learn their language inside and out, but no matter how much your try to understand,  they can’t speak yours. 

So frustrating. And just as frustrating if you are the person who can’t communicate.

Where am I going with all of this? I honestly don’t know. The point of this blog is to be unfiltered life thoughts. The more I filter my thoughts, the less authentic they are.

If you have dealt with similar frustrations,  feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.


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