Where Is Your Motivation?

I guess it is considered the norm when an individual slowly looses interest in any particular activity (job, hobby, sports, social life, etc.)

Life gets boring, and so do the things we repeatedly do. Over and over again.

But why is it that we loose motivation all together in life, simply because one aspect of our life begins to seem a little dull, or even fall apart?

Work becomes mundane, and all of a sudden we begin freaking out, thinking that our life is wasting away at a dead end job. Maybe you and your spouse are going through a less than fun stage in marriage (inevitably) and your whole world seems to fall apart.

Currently, my poison is that my 2 year old is going through a ornery testing stage,  that some may call the terrible twos. I call it “being a 2 year old.” But at first,  it was so draining. Almost to the point where it started affecting the way I worked and interacted with my wife and other daughter (1 year old.)

Then I sat back and thought about the logistics. That is ONE area of my life that isn’t going as I planned it in my “perfect little life” hand book.

And it’s ok.

Other times it was a job I was at, or a family member I wasn’t getting along with. Whatever it was, it began affecting all areas of my life.

So how do we fix this? Rather…how do we respond to these real emotions and feelings appropriately,  without giving it the power to drain the motivation from other areas of our life?

I believe the answer is self evaluation.

I have always had the opportunity to have amazing mentors guide my mental and spiritual development. And if I have learned anything over the years,  it is that we can take any situation and allow it to positively add to our life or negatively take away…either way requires the same amount of energy and effort.  So, why not add positivity?

When you begin feeling drained from a situation, it is because you aren’t grabbing the bull by the horns and looking it straight in its cold hard eyes.

What is the ROOT of the situation. Why are feeling this way? Where are the emotions coming from? What part of this situation frustrates you? Etc.

When you can identify the root issue of a situation, it allows you to segment that particular area of your life, and work on it while building your character.

The bottom line is this. Pressure is good. Tough situations are good. We fail. We learn. We grow. We rinse and repeat.

But when these situations arise. Don’t let them steal that passion and motivation that you normally carry around. Identify the root of the tough situation and handle it. It doesn’t make hard situations easier, but it makes the rest of your life stable and allows it to continually move forward.

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar


I took the above picture why walking in my back yard with the family one day. Sometimes you just have to get away from it all and find motivation in the strangest places.


What are you thinking? C'mon just tell us :-)

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