Get Over Yourself. Deal With Pride.

It baffles the crap out of me when exceptionally prideful people try to hide the fact that they are prideful. I think the ultimate reachable level of pride is when you try to hide it. Act like it doesn’t exist. Hidden pride, also known as passive aggressive behavior, quickly turns to anger as it is suppressed….and by golly it is so freaking obvious.

For the love of God, if you are going to hold your chin to the sky, then do it 100% and hold your pride flag high, so people don’t have to play-a-long with your hide and seek games.

There is a gigantic difference between trying to tone down your pride by genuinely working on it, and trying to hide it like it is some precious gem you are protecting others from.  You’re doing no one a favor by smiling at them while calling them an a**h*** in your head, and talking behind their back with others.

My wife used to be taken back by the fact that I don’t pretend to like people if I don’t really like them. She is a beautiful woman and always assumes the best of people — even when they have hurt her. Me on the other hand…well…it takes a lot to get on my bad side. But once you are there, you get a trophy, a ribbon, and a huge pedestal to stand on. Eh, that’s a little exaggeration, but you get my point.

Yes, I forgive people, and I will certainly show honor and respect to people, regardless of how idiotic they are, but I am not going to go out of my way to pat someone on the back for there issues they refuse to deal with.

So, if you are a prideful person, work on it. Tone it down. We all know that you don’t truly like being prideful. Pride often covers up insecurity. In fact, it always does.

“Well dang Derek…this article sounds pretty prideful.” 

Yes, you are right. It sounds like it, but it isn’t. This article is honest. Occasionally things need to be said, communicated and shown. Pride being one of them. It is a huge issue in our society today.

We all struggle with pride at sometime in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to adopt the lifestyle. In my humble opinion, I think that immediately dealing with pride issues ((appropriately)) sounds a heck of a lot easier than living a life of suppressed pride, anger and insecurity.

Especially if you call yourself a child of God.

WOW! O_o ((<– my ‘what the heck’ face))

I honestly get sick and tired of seeing individuals have so called Christian friends/family walk out of their lives because they were offended at some point in time, and are too stuck up and prideful to work things out. I am specifically mentioning Christians because I think the issue of pride kills the purpose of the life we have chosen to live.

Don’t associate yourself with the name ‘Christian’ if you choose to live a life without grace and mercy active in heart day-in and day-out. And don’t try to ‘spread the Gospel’ when you can’t even talk to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

[Christian rant over.]

Bottom line. Deal with your pride. If you are not sure if you are prideful or not, become more aware of your thoughts and interactions while interacting with other people, and figure out where those thoughts, emotions and feelings derive from. They are coming from somewhere.


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